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Carousel Service, Repair or Spare Parts:

If your vertical storage system is old and requires a service, repair or updated controls, we can bring your investment up to date which also includes a Health and Safety assessment.

We can supply and fit various parts for your carousel including emergency stops, light curtains, switch controls and various moving parts.

Some Automated Storage Machines like the Linpic (linpic 33, linpic 40, linpic 50, linpic 66) or Linvar storage systems may require additional hardware for communicating with Netstock ePic.  Please enquire for further information.


Warehouse Racking:

Our Inventory Management solution is not exclusively used to store and retrieve parts in   Automated Storage Carousels. The system can also manage inventory stock in other areas of the warehouse including racking, trays tote bins and drawers. This is where our Bar Code solution gives you total inventory control. Enquire for further information.

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Horizontal / Vertical Systems:

These are storage systems that are driven horizontally that are 4 dimensions that consist of  bays and shelves. We can drive the diamond Phoenix Horizontal or replace the whole control and electrics to drive the horizontal carousel with our POD.

We are able to control Vertical lift storage systems which present trays to the operator rather than pulling storage bins from a carousel. We can drive Kardex shuttle Lifts and Modula lifts.

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