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User Screens

                     Operating users do not require intensive training due to the intuitive and “clean” design and with its ease of use the decision making is removed from the operator. If you have a current system in place is it simple for operators to use or does it resemble a spreadsheet. We believe the product should suit the environment for which it is intended. For key decision makers there are standard reports that can be generated for export to Excel. This is where Spreadsheets are most useful! The software takes advantage of running on Windows 7 32bit and 64bit operating system and is supported on SQL Server.



The Problem

Inaccuracies still exist in companies handling stock.


This leads to poor productivity, over supply of stock and stock shortages.

Overall businesses run inefficiently and inaccurately.

The Solution


Netstock provides the following:


  • Better visibility of your stock.

  • Improved flexibility and efficiency in picking.

  • Increase order throughput.

  • Reduced labour costs.

  • Minimal key presses using Barcode scanners or RFID.

  • Fast ROI – recover investments in less than 12 months.

  • Easy integration into ERP / MRP systems.


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