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ERP/MRP Integration

ERP/MRP Integration


Pick lists are often printed off from Host systems and users pick the parts against this list. We can automate the process dynamically from you ERP / MRP system. The same list is presented to the user to pick parts and update the host system providing seamless dynamic updates.  Stock information is thus accurate through the ERP / MRP system. This whole process reduces mis-picks, is efficient and allows parts to be reordered on time keeping stock levels optimised. We can integrate with SAP, Microsoft AX, Sage or any other system you may have.

Picks and Receipts


The software is designed around using minimal key presses that allow for increased pick speed and accuracy.  Barcode scanners can be used in addition, reducing keying in errors.


The user selects from a menu the list of parts to be picked. Items are presented in turn and the user simply confirms each pick by a single keystroke or barcode scan.


The system automatically checks a pick list and parts are picked in fastest route. Several lists can be consolidated allowing for fewer rotations of the shelves.


As a central system items can be picked from carousels or racks and transactions get updated.

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