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What is Netstock?

Netstock is an Inventory Management solution for Automated Storage Machines and shelving and racking systems. The inventory solution helps to manage your warehouse inventory control from storage and retrieving stock by Part Number, Batch number or expiry date.


What range of software do you offer?

Netstock is available to suit your requirement and budget. The solutions we offer are:

Netstock lite:

    NETSTOCK ePic LITE is designed to fulfill a basic storage need. It has item codes descriptions and locations. Items can be located via their Code or description.

Netstock LQ:

    NETSTOCK ePic LQ adds quantities to the LIte version. It records the stored quantities for all items within the storage area. If multiple locations exist for the same part then quantities for each location are indicated.

Netstock ePic Plus:

   NETSTOCK ePic PLUS adds users, administrators, transaction logging, list picking and receiving and more. If you are serious about your stock, then this is your product.

What Storage Carousels can you interface to?

We can drive the following storage carousels, Linpic, Linvar, Kardex, Megamat and Hanel . Please note this is not an exhaustive list but a few of the makes we deal with. We can also interface to horizontal carousels. If there is a carousel not listed, please give a call.


How do I connect the software to the carousel?

Please give us a call we will be happy to assist you.


How can I setup Netstock for static shelving and racking?

You can download out free Netstock lite which is for Static shelves and racking. If you require more functionality try our Netstock LQ or Netstock ePic Plus.

We require a Bar Code solution to complement our receipt and picking. Can this be done?

Yes, we can supply Bar Code scanners to complement your receipt and picking processes.


We require Bar Code Labels to be printed – Can you supply Label Printers?

We can supply Label printers to suit your requirements.


We have Put to Light and Pick to Light requirements – Can you integrate this with your software?

Simple answer is YES!


Do you also repair / replace carousel parts?

Yes – in many cases we repair carousels. contact us for further details.

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